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Nickolas Bleykhman & Alissa Joly

Nickolas Bleykhman & Alissa Joly

Nick and Alissa started dancing together in August 2019 and joined the AIDA Dance USA Team in 2020. Their love and passion for dance, combined with the right team of coaches and support group around them, created this successful 10-dance partnership. Alissa is the daughter of professional dancers and started dancing at a young age. She won and was a finalist in many competitions in the USA and around the world. Nick did swimming and martial arts before he started dancing at the age of 12. He moved to Charlotte, NC with his family to dance with Alissa.

In September 2021, they became the British Open Junior Latin Champions and Ballroom Finalists in Blackpool, their first major international competition together. They have been consistent visitors to the podium across all of the major competitions in the USA, including the Ohio Star Ball, NYDF, Manhattan, and US Amateur Dancesport Championship, but being the British Open Junior Latin Champions is their best and proudest achievement so far. Nick and Alissa are the first American couple to win the British Junior Dance Festival in the history of this event.

Within their partnership, Nick and Alissa’s personalities complement each other. While Alissa, being a daughter of professional Latin coaches, loves Latin and has a more expressive personality, Nick is more reserved with a strong passion and love for Ballroom in the past, but has developed mutual feelings for Latin as well, while Alissa has also found a special place for Ballroom. This is what makes their partnership balanced and equally successful.

Apart from dance, Alissa likes reading, fashion, and cooking. She is learning from watching inspirational cooking videos and positioning herself as a chef in the kitchen at home! Nick likes fishing, playing video games, and shopping for sneakers. He also likes computer programming and taking various technology related courses to increase his IT-related skills.

Alissa is wearing our Karina shoes for Latin and Katerina for Ballroom. Nick wearing Smagin for Latin and Fabio for Ballroom.  Click here to follow Nick and Alissa on Instagram.


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