Senzo Makhaye & Agnieszka Strojek

Senzo Makhaye & Agnieszka Strojek

My name is Senzo Makhaye and I am from South Africa. I started dancing in pre-school doing traditional “Zulu dancing” which involves dancing and chanting. 

My cousin introduced me to ballroom dancing for the first time when I was 11. It all started because my uncle was getting married and my cousin and grandmother said “go learn how to dance properly to get ready for the wedding”. I took their advice, and that brings me to today.

I danced for a while, won a few titles here and there, and was surprised to be part of an Amateur South African Champion couple a few years later. 

When I was 16, the dance center moved to the city and I couldn’t afford it. However, when I finished high school and went to the university to study software development in computer studies, I got a chance to do what I was passionate about again.

At the university, they had ballroom as one of the sports and I got the chance to get back to “ballroom dancing”. When I graduated, I came out on top with seven A’s over 13 subjects in my three years and was a three-time South African National Latin American Finalist. During my time in South Africa, I was also on a TV series called SuperDance South Africa where I placed 8th in the country.

After all the great achievements in South Africa, I decided to apply for an internship in the US in 2011. ​I got a placement to work in St. Louis where I met Agnieszka. We started to dance the same year, but it took 5 years with me traveling back and forth between the USA and South Africa before I got my O1 visa.

My dance partner, who brings out the best in me, has made my dream come true. 

Agnieszka Strojek, known as Aga, was born in Poland. At the age of 8, she instantly fell in love with Ballroom Dancing, which has become her lifelong passion. She competed in Europe, where she constantly was a finalist in the Amateur junior Latin 10 dance Championships and also performed well in World amateur events.

She moved to the USA IN 2001 where she started her family. From the beginning of her career in the States, she became one of the most respected dancers in our industry. Everyone who knows and sees Agnieszka, not only knows her by her amazing feet, technique, passion for dance, and unique approach to every one of her students, but also for her loving, giving heart to each individual that she meets.

Agnieszka has been teaching ballroom dance for 20 years. She and her students have received numerous top awards at competitions across the country. She teaches all levels of dancers, from complete beginners to fellow professionals.

Both Agnieszka and I have enjoyed a successful competitive career since 2011 in international Latin and American rhythm style, placing as finalists in over 100 professional competitions across the country, including in the world mambo championships.

Our goal is to share our passion, enthusiasm, and knowledge of dance with as many people as they can. Currently, we continue to train with world-renowned coaches to further develop our professional ballroom careers. Being original, taking the time to learn and listen to the past champions, and learning from them about being authentic yet still incorporating modern choreography, and being true to ourselves - that is what inspires us, our fans, and other people in the world. Something you might not know about Agnieszka is that she has two daughters, and I can play soccer just as well as I can dance.

Our Achievements:

  1. Volunteer State Dance Challenge 2017 –1st in rising star American Rhythm
  2. Southwestern Invitation 2018 – Placed 1st in the Open Professional American Rhythm
  3.  Chicago harvest moon championships 2018 – Placed 1st in the Rising Star  Professional American Rhythm
  4.  North American Imperial Star Ball 2018 – Placed 1st in the Rising Star Professional American Rhythm
  5.  United States Dance Championships 2019 – Place 5th in U.S. World Professional Mambo championship
  6.  Ohio Star Ball championships 2019 – Placed 4th in the Rising Star Professional American Rhythm from a 24 couple quarter final
  7.  United States World Mambo Championships, September 10, 2021 7th place “
  8. Capital 2021,  3rd in Professional American Rhythm rising star
  9. Ohio Star Ball, November 16-21st, 2021, Placed 3rd in Professional American rhythm rising star professional